How much do you value your physical and mental health? Practicing Martial Arts improves your health, helps you manage stress, improves your focus and helps you be more motivated in life. Everyone wants to be healthy, although it is often too easy to lose motivation with exercise routines due to monotony and repetition. Our Taekwondo classes offer variety and a challenging curriculum.

Measuring your progress and setting goals for yourself are key factors to keeping motivated in any activity. Grand Master Ko has personally created a curriculum that is challenging, rewarding and fun. Every level of our belt ranking system enables students to grow while learning more about the art of Taekwondo.

In each session, you will have the opportunity to work on balance, endurance, focus, flexibility, strength, technique and coordination. With the addition of our conditioning class every Friday, you will burn more calories, and improve even more your footwork, overall strength and balance, and have fun!

See our class schedules for class times.