Sparring class is conducted twice a month on Saturdays at Ko’s Martial Arts. The goal of these classes is to give students the opportunity to learn the Olympic style of taekwondo free sparring.

Students are educated on the sparring rules and regulations set forth by the World Taekwondo Federation. This training helps students understand the scoring procedure exactly as it is scored at the Olympics and USA Taekwondo sanctioned events.

The conditioning portion of this class helps individuals with footwork, stamina, speed, and overall health. The first hour of these classes is conditioning and the second hour consists of combination drills and contact sparring.

Students are required to have the following gear:

Head Gear
Chest Guard
Shin Guards
Foot Guards
Fist Guards
Forearm Guards
Cup (Males)

*Any additional protection must be approved by the Head Instructor.

*This class is NOT included in your regular membership. Please ask for details.

See our class schedules for class times.